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Why you should hire a wedding videographer...

May 12, 2017

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Don't be fooled by the convenience of a Photo/Video bundle.

February 19, 2016




As you plan your wedding it is easy to be overwhelmed by the  amount of vendors you have to keep in contact with during the planning process.  Theres a person for your venue, for your catering, your floral, your decor, even a damn contact for the fold out chairs.  Wouldnt it be nice if one company could just do it all?...or is it?  Sure it would be great if there were a jack of all trades who could do every aspect of your wedding day flawlessly, but there isnt for a reason.  You wouldnt expect your caterer to be able to DJ your wedding would you?  So why would a photographer be able to create a stunning video or vice-versa?  Is it just because they both work with cameras?  I drive a car, but Im not a racecar driver.


Spreading themselves too thin...

Speaking with many very skilled photographers they have all told me that they take anywhere from 1600-2800 photos during a single wedding shoot.  As a videographer, in order to get the awesome candid shots, we let our cameras roll virtually the entire day because you never know when the best moments will happen.  It's not planned and it's not staged.  So if you bundle a photo/package deal, is your team truly capturing every moment possible?  How could they be?  Chances are there is only a two person team for your shoot, and if it is only one shooter than you know you are being shorted.  What happens when both persons are shooting the bride putting on her dress while the groom is having a special bonding moment with his Dad in the other room?  Well in that case you are only going to capture one event, and from only one angle no less.


There are two totally different skill sets...

Ask your videographer if they are as talented as a photographer when it comes to post shoot color touch ups.  Chances are they are not.  Just like a photographer usually doesnt claim to be trained in film editing.  Professionally speaking as a videographer I can tell you that there is a great deal of planning before a shoot.  This is because in post production we become story tellers.  We are making a short movie about  your special day that includes audio and music.  Most likley a trained photographer knows more about lenses and lighting than a normal human should, and even more so than a videographer.  On the flip side, its a safe bet that a videographer knows more about wireless audio capturing and music overlay.  Unless your "bundle deal" has been professionally trained in both arts, you are probably getting someone who is trying to do too much and in all honesty "winging it."  When I go out for a good steak I don't go to TGIFriday's because of their vast menu options, I go to a steak house because that is what they do and what they do well.


Many times the bundle is more expensive...

I guess the best question to be asked here is "how valuable is your time?"  Is it worth an extra thousand dollars to save yourself the time and energy of sending an extra e-mail?  That's because in most cases you are paying a premium for the convenience of your bundle.  Best advice is to shop around and compare.  With that being said, if you are willing to pony up extra cash for the convenience of a  bundled deal, why not put that money towards a good coordinator that will handle it all for you?


In the end it is your day and all about what makes you happy.  Just be weary of those trying to make more money by offering more services.  This is not to say that all bundle deals are bad, and in many cases I'm sure there are some that do good work.  However, why settle for good and convenient when you can have GREAT and AMAZING?!!

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