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Why you should hire a wedding videographer...

May 12, 2017

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Offbeat criteria to consider when hiring a wedding videographer.


There is a lot of advice out there when it comes to hiring vendors and more specifically videographers.  This article is meant to get your mind thinking in a different direction and it may help you more than you realize.  In my experience the intangibles are what often make or break a wedding day experience.


1) Would you share a beer with this person?


I've heard this same question used by employers hiring candidates, so why not use this criteria when hiring your wedding videographer?  The photographers and videographers spend more time with you on your wedding day than your own parents.  I would hope that you at least have some sort of chemistry together.  The day is so much more comfortable and stress free when you get along with the people following you all day like paparazzi.


2) Do they have an ego?


This may seem like an odd question, and please do not mistake ego for confidence, but it is actually a very important one.  I have worked with vendors who have been in the industry so long that their experience almost becomes a burden.  We have seen vendors be downright nasty with a couple on their wedding day because they have the “I've been doing this for years and my way is the right way” mentality.  Although experience is much appreciated, your videographer should treat your wedding day with the same excitement and zeal as the first wedding they ever shot.  Just because they have filmed hundreds of weddings doesn't mean you deserve any less attention.  When it comes to your wedding video your style and creative input should be a top priority.  Are they willing to listen to your ideas or do they “know what is best?”


3) How is their appearance?


Not to be vain, but are they presentable and professional?  It would blow your mind how many wedding vendors dress as if they are going out for a beer at a local dive bar to a customers wedding.  If your wedding party dressed to the nines, shouldn't your videographer at least have the decency to dress respectable?  I'm not saying they need to be suited and booted, but should they stick out like a sore thumb in tattered jeans and tennis shoes?  Now don't get me wrong, their dress attire may not take away from their ability to film your big day, but it is something to strongly consider.


4) Will they let you be apart of the creative process?


Anyone who knows how to film and edit can put together a cookie-cutter wedding video, but does your videographer take the time to listen to your ideas?  A good wedding videographer should be able to get a true sense of the customer’s style and cater specifically to them.  Do they let you choose the music you like for the video?  If you are into punk rock are they going to edit your video to an all Jack Johnson soundtrack?  If you want a music video style wedding video are they willing to accommodate?  Most people have a vision in mind of how they want their wedding video to look.  A truly talented videographer can take those ideas and translate them to film.


5)  What is your gut feeling?


Reviews are great, but you should always meet with a videographer ahead of time.  This can also be said for any vendor on your wedding day.  If a videographer has great reviews that is fantastic, but those are written by people who aren’t you.  They are the opinions of total strangers.  Reviews add peace of mind, but how do you know they didn't get a few friends to write for them?  When you meet with them you should take the approach like it's a first date.  Break the ice and feel out their personality.  Is there chemistry between the videographer and yourselves?  Listen to your gut.   When you meet the right videographer you should be able to walk away from the meeting confident that it's your guy/girl.

Hopefully this advice helps you out.  Many people ask the same questions and wedding vendors are trained to give the same generic responses.  Best of luck on choosing all of your vendors and happy hunting.

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