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Why you should hire a wedding videographer...

May 12, 2017

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Hiring a Photographer vs. Videographer


In the years that I have been doing wedding videography I have noticed one common dilemma among most brides planning their wedding day.  Do I hire a videographer or not?  Many brides these days are DIY types and are working with a very limited budget, so it isnt a surprise that something commonly seen as a luxury, such as a wedding video, is given last priority.  It is a shame that often times it comes down to hiring a photographer or hiring a videographer.  The truth is, you should hire both.


I like to say, ”you can’t frame a video and you can't press play on a photograph.”  They both have their benefits.  Photography, like videography, is a tremendous way to capture special moments throughout the day.  A photograph can capture so much emotion and tell an amazing story with just a snapshot.  It is a way for you to decorate your home by displaying fond memories shared with loved ones.  You can post a photo on social media with ease, or email it to a family member who couldn't be at your wedding.  The point is there are literally a thousand reasons why photography is such a good idea for your wedding.  Videography is much of the same, yet different.  I have yet to meet a bride that hasn’t told me that the wedding day flew by and that so much of it was a blur.  It is something you plan so long for and amongst all of the distractions making sure the day goes off without a hitch, it is over in a flash.  Its natural.  This isn't to say that you won't enjoy your wedding by any means, but you can't be everywhere at once.  This is where the benefit of videography comes in.  You remember that your Maid of Honor gave a speech, you have a picture of it and you even remember laughing through most of it, but do you remember the actual speech itself?  What about your beloved grandparents who made it all the way across the country for your wedding day?  Im sure you already have many treasured pictures with them and you will have many more from your wedding day, but do you have a heartfelt congratulations caught on film?  20 years from now when you are telling your kids about their great grandparents wouldn't it be nice to actually witness them speaking to you once again?  These are details that only film can capture.


When planning your wedding you should take a different approach to the battle between hiring a photographer and a videographer.  Why does it have to be one or the other?

It shouldn’t be.   Although photographers and videographers both use much of the same equipment, don’t group them together as such.  They both offer a uniquely different product.  Challenge yourself to really prioritize what is truly important to you and your soon to be spouse on your wedding day when considering vendors.  Don't just settle for one or the other.  Go with both.

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